VirusChain™ provides a platform for tracking and mitigating viral infections including COVID-19. As the economy opens back up, the challenge for each business is going to be providing a safe environment for employees and customers.

The VirusChain™ platform helps record the health records securely and privately. Information can be collected by answering a few questions each time an employee arrives to work. Automated collection systems can be integrated to provide real time data.

It is important to have reliable tracking but also a method of providing privacy to individuals. Using a private blockchain platform, VirusChain™ can help track health information while maintaining personal privacy. This information can be shared with all participants so customers have confidence a business is taking all precautions to provide a safe environment. Displaying the VirusChain™ Certified logo will communicate with your customers and employees that you care about their health and wellness.

VirusChain™ integrates with leading test kits and infrared cameras with results stored on the blockchain for security and privacy. Interoperable with contact tracing applications and government agencies to create a scalable solution.

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